Trading Economic Indicators – Complete Trading System By Segma Singh


Trading Economic Indicators – Complete Trading System By Segma Singh

What you will learn

  • Learn from the trading strategies of the most successful hedge fund managers – George Soros, Ray Dalio, Martin Zweig, Mark Boucher, etc.
  • Get in-depth exposure to trading systems used by Wall Street to convert 100 thousand dollars to over 15 million dollars in less than 48 years

  • Choose the right economic indicators (GDP, CPI, Fed Funds Rate, Yield Curve) that impact the stock market

  • Track economic indicators using free tools (Barron ‘s, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Yahoo Finance, etc.) available on web
  • Learn back-tested trading strategies S & P 500 Index
  • Develop a profitable system to generate significant profits in the stock market in just 30 minutes a day
  • Learn from the life stories (Ebook) of the Top 20 SUPER TRADERS from all times including Shaw, James Simons, Ray Dalio, etc.


  • You should have a basic understanding of economic data and stock market.
  • You should have an open mind and a desire to learn


UPDATE June 11th 2017: FREE SUPER TRADERS EBOOK including lesson and life stories of the Top 20 Super Traders of all times George Soros, Ray Dalio, Shaw DE, James Simons and others.

UPDATE Feb 10th 2016: Complete Trading Resource List including Top 10 must have trading websites, blogs, books, trader twitter accounts.

UPDATE Jan 19th 2016: Economic Indicator Trading Toolbox added. Create and test the results of your own trading strategies.

2000+ satisfied students from 100+ countries !!!

Are you confused from the daily bombardment of financial information by various sources? Are you irritated by the news reporters mentioning a gazillion reasons for the stock market movement, often contradicting each other? Are you tired of using strategies for trading, nervously following every market move and looking for a robust, profitable system to trade? Well, you have come to the right place.

30 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day

What our students have to say

” A real actionable trading strategy is followed by this market, which has been successfully tested and tested. Thanks a lot for giving my life a new lesson of success! ” – Robert Clyde

” What I liked about this race is what it took to educate the learner about the concepts behind the system. I am looking forward to putting this knowledge into action. “- Bethany Holt

” The style of this race is to deliver short, informative videos that keep your attention and keep you moving, rather than trying to deliver long-winded readings that I’ve really looked for. aussi I Learned a great deal of new information was subject I was Somewhat already familiar with The system makes sense and is workable, and I can not wait to get started on it.. “- Paul Proto

Snapshot of the System

  • One of the most successful, billionaire hedge fund traders Martin Zweig, Mark Boucher, Call Joe, Ray Dalio and George Soros
  • Extensively back-tested by developing spreadsheet models using 50 years of stock market data
  • $ 10,000 invested in the 1967 trading system would have turned into $ 18,800,000 in 2015
  • Based on economic indicators like GDP, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Unemployment Rate, etc. and their implications on the market
  • Simple, rule-based strategies for stock market trading, which is understood, can be used for trading in less than 30 minutes a day

Course Structure

The course has been divided into 3 modules:

  1. Economic Indicators – Introduction – The first module is a primer on Economic Indicators. Here, you will learn more about the different types of economic indicators like GDP, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Yield Curve, Fed Funds Rate and others. This information is used by the economic experts, billionaires traders, successful hedge fund managers and even the Federal Reserve itself to understand the economy.
  2. Implications for the market – The second module uses the indicators in the first section and their impact on the stock market. Here, you will learn to predict the stock market based on various economic indicators.
  3. Hacking Trading through a System of Economic Indicators – The third module takes the current trading system that can be used to generate significant profits on the stock market. Here, you will not only learn about the rules, but you will also learn how to calculate, analyze and track your economic data. You will also get to see the performance of a trading system developed using these rules over 50 years from 1967 to 2015.

Go ahead and join the trader to a Wall Street Pro !

See you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

# I’m a complete beginner. Is this race suitable for me?

Yes, this race is designed for beginners. The course is prepared in a progressive manner. It entails a step-by-step approach with minimal financial jargon. But of course, you will need to be in a better position.

# What if I have questions during the race?

You can post the questions in the discussion forum or you can send us a one-to-one message. We normally reply immediately, if we are sleeping, within 24 hours.

# What if I am unhappy with the race?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact Udemy in the first 30 days and they will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

# How long do I have access to the race?

You will have access to the race for a lifetime. This means you will have access to all the new readings, tools, newsletters, trading strategies, and other bonuses which are added every week – free of cost.

# What if I want to take this race on mobile?

The race is available on both Android and iOS based mobile. Just download the Udemy app and spend 15 minutes a day, while riding metro or taking a cab, on this race. You can learn new trading strategies in 1 week.

Can this race add value to my resume?

After completing the race, you will get a Certificate of Completion from Udemy! You can add to your profile.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is passionate about the economy and markets
  • Anyone who wants to develop a profitable rule-based system for trading
  • Anyone who wants to make sense of the bombardment of economic news from reporters
  • Anyone who is serious about trading and wants to take his / her game to the next level
  • Anyone who is a beginner in trading and is looking for
  • This course is not for experienced traders looking for advanced trading strategies

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