The 20K Per Day Live POD Workshops by Devin Zander


The 20K Per Day Live POD Workshops by Devin Zander

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Want To See How We’re Making Over $20K Per Day Without China Or Dropshipping?


It’s more difficult than ever to Dropship from China…


It can definitely be done… But it’s a red ocean (everyone is doing it)


And yet for some reason… Nobody is taking advantage of Print On Demand and now it’s turned into the bluest of oceans (no competition)

The amount of room for profit is insane.

And all we do is place products people actually want to buy in front of them

No hard selling or complicated landing pages like you need with Dropshipping and no dealing with China or long shipping times
Our Methods Are Featured In:
How Would It Feel To Have The Following?

Products you’re proud of and your customer’s love
Passionate audiences you don’t need to HARD sell because they’re actually excited about your products and showing them off
Short shipping times on products because they’re made right here in the U.S.A.
Access to your OWN products that NOBODY else is selling
Easy ways to double or even triple your sales by using “Horizontal Scaling”
Dead-simple Facebook ad strategies that anyone can do but produce million dollar results
And of course… The methods we’re using to bank $20k/Day with huge profit margins

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