Smart Trader VSA Trading System (June 2011)

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Trade Smarter with Smart Trader Smart Volume Analysis Suite…


Smart Volume Spread Analysis Suite


Smart Trader offers the most accurate and comprehensive smart volume spread analysis trading tools available anywhere


Smart Trader is a complete volume trading solution that includes:


Real Time Dynamic Signal Modules

Advanced Signal Modules

Smart Trade Advisors (With Chart Verification)

Smart Trade Verification Modules

Smart Trading Zone Modules

High Volume Zone modules

Volume Based Support and Resistance Modules

Volume Based Strength Meters

Real Time Market Background Scanning tools

Audio Trade Alerts

And Much Much More

Our software is completely flexible and customizable.  Modules and tools can be loaded, or unloaded at will and it includes our proprietary Smart Chart “painted bars” system which makes it far easier and quicker to identify profitable trade setups.


Smart Trader gives you the flexibility to trade the way you want with only the very best signals and modules you need at a fraction of the cost of other Volume Spread Analysis trading systems.


Smart Trader Smart Volume Analysis Suite Requirements:


Basic and Advanced Signal Modules


SMART Trader ships with multiple signal modules. Our system is completely modular so that you can enable or disable any signals you want. Learning VSA is made much easier utilizing our system and the ability to make it yours right down to the colors of a signal is what sets SMART Trader apart from other volume based trading systems.


Included Signal Modules:


Update: SMART Trader now includes a MTF Volume Spread Analysis Scanner, and Audio Alerts for each signal

SMART Advanced Signal Module SOW

SMART Advanced Signal Module XOver Module

SMART BetterVolume 1.4

SMART Framework Module Volume (DLL)

SMART Framework Module Range (DLL)

SMART Framework Module Open (DLL)

SMART Framework Module Close (DLL)

SMART Framework Module Bars

SMART Framework Module SR

SMART Framework Module Volume SR

SMART Module Background

SMART Module Background Immediate

SMART Module Diamond Scanner

SMART Module MTF BG Scanner

SMART Module MTF BG Scanner GUI

SMART Module Trend Diamonds

SMART Settings Module

SMART Signal Module Absorption Volume

SMART Signal Module Buying Climax

SMART Signal Advanced Signal Classic Mount Fuji Fakeout

SMART Signal Module Effort To Fall

SMART Signal Module Effort To Rise

SMART Signal Module Falling Pressure

SMART Signal Module Market Top

SMART Signal Module No Demand

SMART Signal Module Pseudo Reverse Upthrust

SMART Signal Module Pseudo Upthrust

SMART Signal Advanced Signal Module Reverse Mount Fuji

SMART Signal Module Reverse Upthrust

SMART Signal Module Selling Climax

SMART Signal Module Shake Out

SMART Signal Module Stopping Volume

SMART Signal Module Supply

SMART Signal Module Supply Test

SMART Signal Module Upthrust

NEW: SMART Signal Module Dynamic Balance Point Line

NEW: SMART Advanced Signal Module Spinning Rowboat

NEW: SMART Advanced Signal Module Reverse Spinning Rowboat

NEW: SMART Signal Module Bag Holding

Advanced Modules and Module Packs will be released regulary.


Catalyst Trade Includes World Class Smart Trade Advisors and Trade Verification Systems built right into the chart saving you precious time.

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