Russ Harris – Annual Profections


Russ Harris – Annual Profections

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My story

Hi, Im Russ doctor, therapist, father, trainer of health professionals, and author of The Happiness Trap (plus eight other books).

I started my career as a newly-graduated doctor back in 1989, and soon discovered that most of my patients were expressing a significant degree of dissatisfaction in life; stress, anxiety and unhappiness were widespread. I strongly related to their struggles, because I was experiencing something similar myself.

Despite the fact that I had a successful career with a dream job, good income and high status, I was depressed, anxious, and overweight. I felt my life lacked a sense of meaning and purpose, and at times I was even suicidal.

I just couldnt understand why I felt this way.

I had achieved all the goals that society says tells us will make us feel happy. But it wasnt working. And I wanted to know why. One thing was for sure, simplistic stories that it was all due to an unhappy childhood or too much negative thinking or a chemical imbalance in my brain were definitely not the answer.

So I set off on a journey to find out a) what makes people unhappy, and b) far more importantly, what creates genuine and lasting happiness. And I can tell you, that journey took me down a lot of blind alleys and dead ends. But eventually, it lead me to ACT  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

The moment I discovered this therapy, I fell deeply in love with it. It had a huge and profound impact on my life. Almost instantly, I began to develop a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

I found how to enrich and enhance my life, and transform the way I dealt with painful thoughts and feelings. I built a stronger connection with myself and others, which led me to feel that sense of warmth, closeness, belonging Id been searching for all those years.

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