Now Healing 101 Home Study Course by Elma Mayer

Now Healing 101 Home Study Course by Elma Mayer

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Now Healing 101 Home Study Course by Elma Mayer

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Now Healing 101 is a clear, step-by-step course that gives you quantum leaps of transformation. You’ll learn to make immediate changes to any kind of situation, pain or problem. Unlike most courses, Now Healing 101 is more than just instruction for a technique. In addition to teaching you the simple steps for instant change, it actually re-sets your energy field, to activate your innate healing power. Experienced healers – improve your healing results and upgrade to your next level. Beginners – you already have the power to shift energy instantly – activate it now! Now Healing 101 takes energy healing out of the realm of the mysterious, and makes it accessible to everyone. No belief, meditation or lifestyle change is required. Most people can use it to create immediate change in any life issue – from pain, illness, addiction, to relationships and finances. It’s all energy, and you can shift it, now.

The Now Healing 101 home study course includes a 158-page manual with 18 powerful, easy energy-shifting exercises; 6 CDs of class recordings (lectures, Q&A, and energy shifts) and a Bonus CD of the exercises as a healing session. CD running time is 6 1/2 hrs.

Elma Mayer teaches experienced healers and beginners alike to upgrade their healing power, and do effective, easy, instant healing. With Now Healing, Elma developed a revolutionary new kind of healing session via audio and video. Elma also teaches basic energy-healing techniques to Lyme Disease sufferers, and does guided healing-via-video for the earth, air & water. She’s a Certified Practitioner / Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics and ThetaHealing.

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