John Carter – Insiders guide to Trading Weekly Options

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John Carter – Insiders guide to Trading Weekly Options

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In This Comprehensive 4 DVD Class John Carter Will Share:

  • The Best Times to Trade Like a Market Maker
  • How to Have a Steady Equity Curve Week after Week
  • The Three Things Every Options Trader Needs to Learn or They Will Consistently Lose Money
  • What are the Best Stocks & ETFs to Trade Weekly and Which Ones Should be Avoided Like the Plague
  • How to Risk 50 Cents to Potentially Make $5 Every Week
  • My Favorite Strategy for Turning a 68% Probability into a 95% Probability
  • The best daily and intraday scans in key stocks and ETFs, and how to choose which of these to trade weekly options on
  • Learn his daily ritual that gets him in the right mind set for trading
  • How to position size correctly in real time for maximum P&L impact and risk control
  • What to do when things go wrong – Defensive Strategy

Insiders Guide to Weekly Options DVD

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