Joe McCall – Wholesaling Lease Options 2019

Joe McCall – Wholesaling Lease Options 2019

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Joe McCall – Wholesaling Lease Options 2019

  1. How To Find More Seller Leads Than You Can Handle
    All on auto-pilot, without you spending an arm and a leg
    Only work with nice homes in nice neighborhoods – regardless if they have equity or not. Work with all the leads that every other investor throws away.
    How to close on your deals without feeling like you’re “selling” something, or trying to negotiate at pennies on the dollar.
    How to get a contract signed without ever leaving your home, without seeing the house or meeting the seller.
    Learn how to only have $10 at risk on any deal.
    Use MY Attorney and Escrow Company to handle all the paperwork.
  2. How To Sell Houses Fast And Easy
    Sell your houses faster than any other type of deal you’ve done before
    Learn why there is such a huge demand for your Rent-To-Own homes and how you can flip your properties in 2-4 weeks for average profits of $3,000 – $6,000.
    How to find a Realtor to do all your buyer marketing for you – for only $250 – $500, and how to pay them only if, and when, they find you a qualified tenant-buyer.
    How to use my checklists to make sure nothing falls thru the cracks and everything is covered.
    Use my nationwide Tenant-Screening service to screen all your applicants. And use my nationwide mortgage broker to help your tenant-buyers repair their credit and get financing.
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  3. How To Automate & Delegate Everything
    Flip lease options while you’re on vacation or at the coffee shop
    Swipe and deploy all my “done-for-you” systems. Automate and delegate as much as you want to your virtual and local teams.
    How to find the best Virtual Assistants for only $2 – $3 / hour. In fact, let me train your VA’s for you.
    Use the same lead database (Podio) and custom built Lease Option apps that we use in our business.
    How to grow your business and do deals in multiple markets
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  4. Partner With Me On All Your Deals
    I want to do more deals – with you…
    Don’t worry about making mistakes. Let me hold you by the hand and walk you through your first couple deals.
    (NOTE: This is by application only…. This partnering offer isn’t for everyone. More information after you buy the course.)
    If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses and design resources for FREE so you save even more time getting setup.
    Virtual Assistant Resource Center
    Let me train your VA’s for you. Get all the training and checklists that I use so your VA’s can run your business for you. Remember, the less you do, the more you make.
    Special Private Webinar Recordings
    Get private access to these special webinars: 1) “Flipping Houses While On Vacation”, 2) “Fast Cash Survival Kit”, 3) “How To Flip Hard To Flip Properties”, 4) “Lease Purchase GUTS Sales Training”
    Bootcamp Videos
    Get all the videos from two of the best bootcamps I have ever done: “Control Without Ownership Summit” and “Saturday Implementation Workshop”

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