Dr. Gary Dayton – Chart Reading Mastery


Dr. Gary Dayton – Chart Reading Mastery

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Dr. Gary Dayton – Chart Reading Mastery

This is a recording from 2011

Taught by Dr. Gary Dayton, a Wyckoff expert, trading psychologist and trading educator, Chart Reading Mastery focuses on reading the market via price bars and volume.

The course consists of eight 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions – that’s eight weeks of in-depth education on how to read the market by its own actions using the Wyckoff method.The recording of the last course is available so you can study the best course for trading at your convenience.It’s no secret that the markets offer tremendous opportunities every day. What would it be like for you to see these opportunities as they unfold? What would it be like for you to clearly see the trade set ups . to know where to enter . and to know where to take profit? Where would your confidence be if you know in advance that the trend was about to change – that you could really read this in your charts? How would you feel if you could do this with any market on any time frame?Well, all of this is very possible.

And, it’s not just a couple of hours with a few charts! Chart Reading Mastery:

Runs for Eight Weeks – yes, you read that right. This is an eight week program where we meet (via the internet) for eight weekly sessions usually lasting between 90 and 120 minutes per session.
Is a complete course in reading the market. You will learn:

All about market structure

How to construct the three types of proper trend lines
Reading the waves of the market – a little-practiced method that keeps you on the right side of the market
Shortening of the Thrust – highly reliable and easy to see ‘market tell’ that the trend is about to change
Clustering of Closes – market behavior that occurs in certain areas that market the end of a move

How to read buying and selling in the price bars

Understanding demand and supply – these are the only things that move the market
The significance of high volume – this tells the pro trader whether a trend will continue or abort
Major indications of strength as they appear on the chart – showing demand has come in or supply has dried up and extremely helpful in knowing what to anticipate next

Major indications of weakness showing selling has come into the market and sellers are taking control

How to integrate market structure with price bar and volume characteristics as well as the major signs of strength and weakness
Absorption of supply – what it is, where to find it, and how to assess it. Absorption tells us in advance that higher prices are yet to come
Several important principles of price behavior – these are market ‘laws’ that precede price action and give you a heads up on where some of the best trades can be made.

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