Chiente Hsu – Rule Based Investing

Chiente Hsu – Rule Based Investing

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Chiente Hsu – Rule Based Investing

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Rule Based Investing: Designing Effective Quantitative Strategies for Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, Emerging Markets, Equity Indices, and Volatility

Since the mid-1990s, assets under management in rule-based or non-discretionary hedge funds have outgrown those in discretionary or qualitative funds.

Recent research shows that rule-based funds have outperformed discretionary funds on a risk-adjusted basis over the past 30 years, and have especially outperformed during recent financial crises.

This is the first comprehensive guide to designing and applying these sophisticated strategies.

Unlike any other guide, it systematically covers every facet of the topic, including Forex, rates, emerging markets, equity, volatility, and other key topics.

Credit Suisse head of global strategy and modeling, Chiente Hsu, covers carry, momentum, seasonality, and value-based strategies; as well as the construction of portfolios of rule-based strategies that support diversification.

Replete with realistic examples, this book will be a valuable resource for everyone concerned with effective investing, from traders to specialists in applied corporate finance.

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